Hilarie Blaney’s workshops and seminars are held in the comfort of your offices or the venue of your choosing. Hilarie blends a professional, direct approach to her teaching that will both engage and entertain.

Who should attend? Clients include individuals, corporations, non-profit organizations, academia, military families, and government.




Outclass The Competition: Business Etiquette & First Impressions

This course is designed for both the recent college graduate and the seasoned professional. Topics covered include business introductions and salutations, handshaking, appropriate eye contact, etiquette of business cards and more. This workshop will leave your employees polished in business etiquette, affording them an advantage in every future business situation.

Outclass The Competition: Dining Skills

This course is designed for a broad range of ages. From teens to young professionals and established members of the Oklahoma business community, this course provides in-depth coaching of appropriate dining etiquette and manners.

Dine Like A Diplomat: More Than Getting Your Elbows Off The Table

This course is for hosts and hostesses in business settings. Learn about business entertaining, extending and accepting an invitation, host duties, guest duties, seating guidelines, toasting, styles of eating – American and Continental, and how to be silverware savvy.

How To Succeed In The International Arena

Designed to achieve what the title suggests, this course helps participants understand the importance of global awareness. Participants will learn sensible strategies to broaden global awareness, the importance of a first impression, recognizing the importance of rank and status, handshakes, introductions, body language, global conversation skills, appropriate gift selection and presentation, cultural awareness, business card etiquette and more.

Manage Your Image, Mind Your Manners

First impressions mean a great deal in the world of business, and the image representatives of your company present is part of that impression. Hilarie Blaney provides business image consulting for individuals and organizations. Her consulting in this area includes her recommendations for appropriate dress, from day-to-day office wear and business casual to formal white and black tie events.

Handshake Boot Camp

In this course, Hilarie Blaney teaches the ins and outs of handshakes, what they say about you, and how to change handshakes to benefit you and your associates. Hilarie also reviews handshake faux pas and the very important do-nots of handshakes.

Consulting for specific and special events

Hilarie Blaney provides etiquette and protocol consulting for special events and will provide guidance and training for hosting government officials and public figures.

Custom designed classes to fit your business needs

Hilarie Blaney provides custom classes tailored to fit the specific needs of your business or organization. Please contact her to asses your complete needs.