National Protocol Officer Week

March 28-April 1 is the 5th annual National Protocol Officer Week. So, what is it that Protocol Officers do, exactly?
Imagine you’re scheduled to travel to Hong Kong on business. You know it is proper etiquette to take a gift for your host, and typically one that represents your culture. Your colleague from Vermont suggests maple syrup. A co-worker from Texas recommends cowboy boots. A friend from California suggests a framed photo of the Pacific Ocean. None of these seems quite right, but who would you ask?
A Protocol Officer is educated and trained to be a skilled advisor, expert, and leader for moments such as these. We plan and orchestrate VIP visits and trips, meetings, ceremonies, and events and leaders rely on Protocol Officers to guide them in U.S. and foreign order of precedence, customs and cultural differences. We know functional business, government and international protocol inside and out, and we have the expertise to confidently and appropriately apply protocol in the most intricate or serious situations.
Business is typically more serious that a bottle of maple syrup, and it’s important to not flounder something that can be taught easily, like proper greetings, salutations and social etiquette. Have you ever had a time when you wished you could’ve clarified cultural differences ahead of time? What was it?
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